Thursday, October 21, 2010

November Digicrop Crafts

The November Digicrop at Flash Image Studio is quickly approaching. This is our second month to have it at our new location and we are loving it. If you missed last month come check out the new place and get a bunch of work done on your Christmas projects!

Bring your laptop, and a smile...there will be snacks, come and go as you please, but most importantly get the time, and support you need to complete all those projects you want for Christmas (or have just been meaning to make).

November Take Home Project: We are offering 3 different items to spruce up your Thanksgiving Holiday. Cost includes everything you will need to assemble them at the Digicrop.

You can make 1 or all 3 if you like. Let me know by October 25th which ones you would like to create. I will be ordering all the supplies by that date.

Reminder: Christmas publishing deadline for everything except cards is December 6th!

FREE scanning: Bring any images you don't have preserved digitally and I will scan them for you. FREE for the first 100 images, 19 cents per scan after that.

If you have never attended Digicrop before, come check it out; we have a great time. If you are new to Heritage Makers you will want to come for sure so I can quickly help you get started on your projects. If you want to see all the amazing things you can do to preserve your photos and family memories, this is the place to be!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Morrison Family